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Pricing for softwashing

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We started about 10 years ago doing existing customers house walls that were green with algy at that time I was pressurewashing them then discovered softwashing videos in America on YouTube and made up my own kit using a backpack and modifying stuff , I just asked customers if they had thought about having there house cleaned started off doing small 3 bed semis then as I got more experience started doing bigger stuff 5 bed detached then smaller hotels and b&b s we now are doing much bigger stuff but still using backpacks but this is slow and not  the best way to do larger buildings 

my advice would be research how to do it as I said YouTube videos are very helpful there is a lot of conflicting advice out there but try it for your self maybe on your own house or family members or a customer that you get on well with to practise untill you feel confidant to go out and charge customers for it : ppe is important again research this to determine what you need for the way that you are applying the hypo mix , if you need any help just ask , Ime no expert mainly self taught but happy to try and help if I can many treat softwashing as some sort of black art and won’t offer any help but are happy to criticise and say it’s dangerous and it can be but when you go to the swimming pool what are you swimming in ? Basicly it’s water with hypo in it so in the right dilution it’s perfictly safe , it’s also added to the drinking water supply in small quantities so again knowing what strength to use for different surfaces is important but it’s not rocket science 

I think the biggest fear for most is jumping that initial hurdle. It was for me anyway. I did about 3 months research before doing anything, and i’ve had so much help from you and others i’ll be forever grateful. I’ve done 3 hypo jobs now and all have gone to plan so i don’t fear it like i used to.



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