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Panorama window cleaning

WFP brush with Unger Optio lock cone

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Anyone know of a cheapish WFP brush head that will thread onto an unger optilock cone?


I want to use my 20ft unger pole with a WFP brush for scrubbing ubik onto conservatory roofs first (before doing the final scrub/ rinse with my WFP) so i dont have to use my actual WFP setup for doing both the chemical scrub and the final clean.


Failing that, I've seen some cheap crud like the attached pic... Anyone ever use cheaP stuff like this to do the dirty part of the work? Probably nit even worth buying right?




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Yeah i only have 1 brush though as still only 2 months into my business. Just didnt want to get my only one covered in gunk and chemicals before having to use it for final clean....guess i can just rinse it out with hose before final clean so i dont waste too much pure waiting for all the chemical to run clear from the brush

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Ill just suck it up and get another brush head

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