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Going the whole hog!

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Looking to do deep cleans and minor renewals as a profitable way to fill a day as I build a round. I have a good bit of painting experience and deep cleaning on industrual sites and on ships.


So on my new house we have these 2 dormers that really need sorting out. We just had the roof cleaned and sealed but the buggers left a bit of a mess and it doesnt look like our old bucket bob has had a good look at the glass and frames in years as theres lichen on the bloody seals!.


I'm goint to do a pretty thorough job on one of them and see how it turns out. It its not to much of an **** I reckon id charge about £200 to do a similar one.


Spec -Single dormer approx 2m x 1.5 m

Guttering ckeared and cleaned.

Plastics and Paintwork hand washed.

Paint spatter removed if possible without pricking about.

Window frames and seals renewed/degreased.

Glass scraped/brass wooled and washed.

Might sand and primer the oak sil as well as its pretty shitty.


Its above a flat roof so theres not much of a safety issue and Ill only be using hpusehold cleaning products to limit accidental damage or bleaching. 


Any advice or constructive comments please go for it.



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Oh. Hahaha well that was a total underestimation. After getting up close and personal I could see that the cladding is in fact metal but that and the guttering were covered in roof paint and probably wont ever come off so Ill probably repaint them next year. 


Brushed on a little flash multi purpose in warm water around all the whites after a good soaking made a big difference. Cleaned the rest of the grit out of the guttering while the flash did its thing for 2 minutes. Rinsed of with the brush and **** loads o **** came out of every seam. Went inside to lean out and give the wooden sill a rub with coarse paper then brushed it clean.


Ill have to rethink how Ill finish this as its way bigger than I first planned out. 


Lesson learned lol

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