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Information on Gutters Poles Set for a fraction of suppliers costs

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Ok so as promised, here is the information regarding Aluminium Gutter Poles as sold by a number of suppliers.

Do not be mistaken, these poles are the very identical product and I have previously sold them myself and have used them for a number of years.

A 20ft set is currently selling for £35.

If you need to go higher simply by more sets.

So they killer question, what are they and where do I get them.... .

Simples, they are on eBay and what you need to search for is...

20ft Aluminium Flag Poles. .

When you receive them you can throw away all the related flag parts and keep the poles.

Then go on auto silicone hoses website and buy yourself a 135 degree silicone bend. 51mm o.d.



Some 47-51mm T bolt host clamps.



If you want to connect to standard vacuum hose then buy a silicone reducer.



I hope that you all find the above of interest and can benefit from it and save a fortune in the process.


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£114.90 including VAT for a 40ft set!

Thank you very much for this information. Very helpful for all of those trying to justify the cost of a gutter vac!

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have you a vac recommend too?

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Hi, the vacuum I use, I used to sell to car washes. We used to import them from China and to be fair are one of the better quality ones. Visited factory and had very little problems or come back.
There are plenty on eBay, if your willing to take a punt, best advice would be to get a guarantee.
Numatic are a good industrial vacuum.
I always use mine with the filter in and wash it out afterwards.

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7 hours ago, P4dstar said:




They are only 50% carbon so will be heavier than full carbon and more bendy not sure of the diameter either you want 51 mm the smaller ones block easily : we have ones from carbon fibre tubes they are about 8 years old and still going strong , I have a 40 foot set of alloy poles that have sat in the garage for years not used as they are so heavy omnipole ones carbon poles are worth the extra cost if you use it a lot 

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