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pressure washing and black spot

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do u pressure wash first then if there is black spot thats hard to shift hypo then a lite pressure wash to finish , or hypo first then pressure wash to get the best resaults ?


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scottish cleaning service

First thing I do is wet all the area I am softwashing with a hose. Then I spray hypo on the whole area to give consistency. Wait 40mins and get to work with fsc or turbo. Rinse off and thoroughly inspect each slab for black lichen. When I find some, I get down on my knees and scrub in neat hypo, if it runs off then a tissue dipped in hypo and leave on top. After 40mins a miracle happens and they vanish. Then I finish off with a vario nozzle rinse. That's my formula and I'm sticking to it because it works for me. 

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Whats hypo? Thanks .................a product for cleaning flags I guess???

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