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Best brush?

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scottish cleaning service

Soft sill brush seems to be number 1 on this forum. I bought one and after I have used it a lot, am now thinking of upgrading to the Medium to hard sill brush from Gardiners of course.

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Daniel Perkins

The only sill brush was facelift one and was like having moby **** on the end of the pole. What's the advantages of the Gardiners sill brush that folks on here seem to like? I float between flocked 45cm for big builders cleans (Dupont 45cm same weight which I was considering) & xtreme mixed for maintenance.

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scottish cleaning service

For the PVC cleaning, then you only need the Gardiners 240mm brush. Its perfect for getting in behind the gutter and downpipe. :1f609:

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Iron Giant

Gardiners Supreme are good brushes for f.s.g, found a brand new one in my garage the other night must have been in their about 8 months or more 🤣

County Durham Lad

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