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Frames when it's raining heavy.

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I’m going to try the CBD oil today. I’m fully confident in my chiropractor but need something to see me through between sessions.

I would go to the chiropractor more if i could afford it but i would seriously need to up the rates on the windows 🤪

I hope it works & gets me off these crappy anti inflammatorys the doctor gave me which dont seem to do a thing



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scottish cleaning service

where do you buy that CBD oil? cheers m

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On 14/09/2018 at 16:55, Bart90 said:

Just thought I'd run this and see what others do.  When there's loads of water on the frames and your frame cloths get soaked through at a crazy rate when cleaning the frames;  what do you guys do?  The only think i can think of is running an old blade across the sill but the rest of the frames can still be pretty wet!  Hate having a mountain of frame cloths at the end of just one heavy rainy day!

I wring out my frame cloth when necessary or swap it, frame cloths isn,t the problem...it is the detailing cloths that you want to be concerned with, you cannot detail the glass with a wet cloth or scrim!!

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