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Buying a wfp trolley system advice for fittings etc

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Hi ive decided on buy a slx from gardiner at min my work is all traditional but moving over , not sure on size would i be better getting the 25 and taking a section or 2 out mainly just 2 story work but have some windows over conservatories what i dont do at min , also ive been recomended to get the quick loq gooseneck , but what about the brush , jets and other conector and hose , whats best to get as i say a complete noob , ive read about the univalve for saving water , and ive been told a 450gpd r/o system with a di water reading around 288 , and a trolley from pure freedom the nano was recommended . Going to get a 1000ltr container to store the water in garage then some drums for the van . Is there anything else i need and any other suggestions , cheers

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Go van mount mate. I started with a trolley and found it a ballache. Van mount will save you a lot of time especially if you intend banging out a lot of work every day. Others on here swear by a trolley, but I don't get it.


An SLX-25 will be a good pole especially if you have any town houses. I use a tap on my pole. I kink the hose to save water when doing windows at the same height. You will need an RO with your tap TDS.

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Yeah I’m with Tuffers here. Taking the trolley off and loading it back in the van would just be a ball ache. Then you slam on and the containers and trolley start going everywhere.... pain in the ar5e. A trolley is a handy little add on but not as your sole system!

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