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Mick 1973

Oil Stain on Tarmac

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Mick 1973


I have searched threads and lots of answers any ideas of which is best to get rid of an oil stain on a tarmac drive 

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Very difficult if not impossible to do to a good standard , if it’s been there for a long time it will have softened the tarmac if it’s fresh oil it will still have semi desolves the surface and it will be a different colour. You can paint Tarmac with a special paint but personally I would walk away from the job as it’s more hassle than it’s worth , you will spend lots of time trying to make it look good but it will never be right and getting the customer to pay for a mediocre job isn’t easy 

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As PJJ stated removing oil from tarmac is a nightmare and can be more hassle than its worth, there are easier jobs out there.

There are oil stain remover on the market specifically made for tarmac but we have tried many of these and they have never 100% removed the oil stain.

Unless you can talk the customer into having a tarmac restorer applied afterwards to hide the remaining stain, i'd advise walking away if you are not confident in fully removing the oil stain.


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