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Refer friends/family offers

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Currently I'm not offering any offer for referring anyone to my business,


i still get people referring me to their friends and family members without offering any incentive,


Has there anyone just started to offer a reward for referring people to your business?


If so, have you seen increased recommendations? 


And, what offers do you provide? 



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chris clean

I have seen a couple new set ups in my area trying to do recommend someone and get a free clean or money back for reccomendation etc. But never seen anyone well established doing it. Not saying they don't but not that u have seen. 


I really don't think these type of offers are needed if you do a good job as the referrals and reccomendations look after themselves. Not to mention the more customers you have the more neighbours and passers by will walk up to you too. If you need new customers fast best way is canvassing or lead gen like @Green Pro Clean Ltd or if you want gradual just leaflet and Facebook etc. Then your not doing free cleans for people!

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Iron Giant

Pryors window cleaning do it I am sure and he has 8 vans or more on the road, as above if you are looking to expand your rounds then get out door knocking.

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