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Iron Giant

First bit of snow

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scottish cleaning service

This is when a hot system makes sense and good for the first job of the day, cleaning the vans windows!

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What have you guys used to insulate the back of the van? (If anything)

I’ve been looking at getting some of that self-adhesive bubble foil.

Any suggestions?

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Dave B
7 hours ago, Clisty1989 said:

Just looked outside, nice heavy frost overnight, freezing outside for this time of year, just found my thermal top and winter socks if it gets too warm I'll take my fleece off, key is lots of thin layers, if you get too hot take a layer off, too cold add a layer. I prefer cold to heat, apart From the pain in cold hands for the first hour until they go a bit numb/get used to it

Got my cold weather boots on so no worries 

I feel fine whatever the weather as long as my feet are warm

Once they get cold it's game over

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17 hours ago, Part Timer said:

Would be a bit warmer than Wingate on a balmy summers day that's for certain. Best time to go to the Caribbean is May, off there next year myself 😎


I'm hoping to get booked to go back over there in February. Nice dry month and freezing here so bye bye England lol

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Iron Giant
Presuming we’re all de-icing our vans again this morning then?
No mine was in the garage [emoji3], although I still had to sort out my wifes car

County Durham Lad

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On 29/10/2018 at 08:59, RWCleaning said:

Yep long term goal to get hot water. 

You need to aim higher dude 😂

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