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trevor peacock

Why rinsing is not always necessary

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3 minutes ago, Nicky said:

I didn’t say that pro green does a bodge at all

Yeah but you didn't say he doesn't either 😂😂

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Green Pro Clean Ltd
10 hours ago, RWCleaning said:

Well the word ‘clean’ is subjective/relative


No, it's not.  Clean is clean, something is either clean or it isn't clean.   Some may consider 'clean enough' and then it can be subjective but without the word 'enough' there is only clean or not clean. 

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steve garwood
11 hours ago, Nicky said:

I didn’t say that pro green does a bodge at all

Banter mate, banter 😘

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Well safe to say there’re some opinions on this subject. 


I do genuinely believe @Green Pro Clean Ltd And others who say they don’t always rinse on some windows and they come out fine. I wasn’t accusing anyone here of ‘cowboy cleaning’


I have mostly 8 weekly rounds, so personally I don’t think I can get away with it, as they all are quite dirty etc, but I have a couple of 6 weekly rounds as well, some aren’t too dirty when I show up, I will continue to practice when I have a little spare time & customer is out.


 Thanks for the tips & advice about potential faster ways. 

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