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VW Caddy 64 plate for sale £6+vat

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2014 64k, Highline spec, 1.6 diesel, manual. Does have quite a lot of scuffs and small dents but drives beautifully. There is no Bluetooth - water (typically) got through to wiring apparently and so didn't come under warranty as was deemed my fault. The back of the van is down to metal as I took the ply line out. Doesn't come with any WFP or Trad equipment.


This is a finance lease so buyer will be invoiced by VW after price agreed and payment will be made to them.


With all that said I'm looking for £6k + vat. I've done a bit of market research and caddys with same spec and year are going for much more on autotrader. I'm advertising on here first.


Please let me know if I've missed any information.MVIMG_20180927_150553.jpegIMG_20180927_150709.jpegIMG_20180927_150704.jpegIMG_20180927_150629.jpeg


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Based in Wokingham, Berkshire

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