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How much a month.

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Master Jedi Alejandro
22 minutes ago, P4dstar said:

I've let myself get to a bigger problem than that to be honest. I sold the service on a 4/6/8 week cycle. As long as it divided by 2 I figured I was good to go. Never dealt with this while the round was small, now I'm pulling in some good money some days are stacked with work and others are all but empty. I've put together a plan where I will do 4 and 8 weekers on certain days of the week and 6 weekers on other days. Say for an example, Monday, Tuesday and Friday each week might be 4 and 8 weekers and Wednesday Thursday 6 weekers. Put myself in one area each day and then I know which areas I need to gain more customers in to fill that part of the round. I'm creeping towards 300 customers though so i've let it become a big task.

Ahh man you have indeed! Though view it for what it is, a nice problem to have! 😉 One thing I have found works is tell a new customer their second clean will be early (like, in three weeks instead of four) as in brings them inline with there neighbours. I've never had anyone take issue with this as. Another technique is to do a early clean free of charge. You miss out on that months pay but it saves you money and hassle in the long run. I did two the other day and they were both fine with it.  

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I'm  strong believer that you should run it like a business that could work if it had 10 workers or just 1 (you). Then you realise there is an actual minimum you HAVE to be able to earn to make it viable (more like £40+ p/h in our current system in the UK).


"why should i if i'm only gonna be a one man band till i retire?" Because that round will go for a heck of a lot more when you do.


At the end of the day it all hangs on one thing - How good you are at selling. How good you are at convincing the customer that they should pay your prices (which should be high - very high). If you don't want to (then get a job where people don't have a choice - like emergency plumbing)

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