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How much would you charge?

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GF Window Cleaning
im mostly wfp but I do a few similar to that which have to be trad really. but still use pure for it. wouldn't use much, and makes a good job. if you're totally trad and have no pure I would use rain water, but yeh, you could put it in a spray bottle.
Yeah very true. I like the idea of cleaning everything with a sponge and fairy then spray off frames, glass and sills with a bigger pump spray bottle I think they are 7 or 9 litres which I have for TFR. I have a mate that is DI wfp so getting the water is not a problem. You may have cut my job time in half mate

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GF Window Cleaning
I actually think you would be better with glass cleaner spray bottle and a cloth to individually clean those small panes. That's what I would do and see how long it took me.
Yeah it's an idea mate but with me cleaning the frames and all those bars everything is already soaked. I think I will try what KS789 has suggested for a time. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate them all

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