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Hypo through uni-valve??

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Thinking of buying a gardiners backpack for softwashing houses.I was thinking of just using my usual wf pole and using a brush with fan jets but I've a uni-valve in it.Would a hypo solution damage the uni-valve?also,would a hypo solution on it's own be fine to use??


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Dennis Taylor

I use a Gardiners Backpack for all my Softwashing although I only do patio and drives, it’s a great bit of kit but I found that the lance supplied soon corrodes and leaks like a sieve.

I did manage to find a all plastic one that fitted the pipe work and that sorted that problem.

You will need to flush the Backpack with plenty of plain water when you finish using it to purge it of Hypo which would very quickly kill the pump otherwise.

I then leave the Backpack partially filled with plain water with a drop of detergent added.

For the money its a great bit of kit.

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scottish cleaning service

I use a cheap pump sprayer for hypo as long as I'm cleaning ground level or small walls.

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