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strugling to find new customers

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On 16/11/2018 at 13:24, Kleenwell said:

i realize this time of year is going to be slow and i did time it wrong to start.

i think my expectations were just a little high from the get go.   i knew it would take time to get established, i just thought i would have seen more

work than i am getting.

i am advertising conservatoire, gutter+fascia cleaning.   internal window cleans.

i dont yet have a gutter vac (i would like one) but as i am using my car, space is at a premium. 

my website is starting to get a few more hits per day.  its steadily building.

my google ad has had over 200 impressions in less than 24 hours.

im just glad i have a weekend job to fall back on at them moment.

i appreciate all the help and comments. i would love to go canvasing.  maybe one day soon, i will have the confidence to do it.

i can phone people out of the blue and then knock their door no problem.  i can judge their personality over the phone.

someone said that the person behind the door can do nothing to me.  but when i worked for n-power, i had hot water thrown over me and even

had a guy come out at me with a bass ball bat.  needless to say, it wasnt long before he was in the back of a police van.   but it didnt do much to help

my anxiety

That’s quite extreme. You have to remember the energy you were selling wasn’t your product. I once asked an energy canvasser to tell me their unit rates, and he couldn’t or wouldn’t. All he said was “we are the cheapest.” Guess what. They werent. I think belief in your product is key. I was once briefly in a sales job selling credit cards to businesses. The problem was that businesses established less than 3 years didn’t qualify. And most other businesses didn’t need the credit cards. This was the most nerve wracking canvassing I’ve ever done. It didn’t last long.  But with Window Cleaning. I knew I could do it, deliver the goods. Took a fortnights holiday walked around the town and looked for dirty windows. Made a list of them then went back when they were in. “Hi. My name’s Rich. I’m a local window cleaner trying to expand my business. Would you mind if I gave you a quote?” Incidentally, the ones i couldn’t get in, and left a card and never heard from them. I had to persevere tho, and visit other towns & villages and another thing. If they have clean windows I didn’t knock. Didn’t want to be nicking work from other window cleaners. Picked up enough work in the fortnight to put my notice in. Hope it goes well for you Kleenwell. 

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