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38 minutes ago, Chris34 said:


Ha ha, must be knocking pretty hard then, no need for a second 'wonder if they heard me' knock then, ha ha.  I'll have to invest in some knuckle dusters, ha.  Seriously though thanks for the tip, I'll maybe look at using something to tap on the door.  I remember the neighbour at my parents house used to tap on the door with a branch off an oak tree which he used as like a walking stick, it sounded like the police were at the door, massive BOOM BOOM BOOM, literally jumped out of your chair when he knocked, certainly nobody saying 'did someone just knock at the door' it was more like 'who the f is that' ha ha.


Have to keep each other updated with progress, good to bounce ideas about and get more sales.  

Maybe I should stop putting holes in their doors? 


And definitely mate, on 2 regulars at the minute so I'll let you know how I get on.


33 minutes ago, Clisty1989 said:

I always give a card or flyer out when you get a no, with a little line like "if you change your mind give us a ring" or "if something happens with you current windy give us a bell". You'll probably get a call at some point from a couple of them.


Yeah I try, and most people take them, do get them few who don't even want a card. Most people are nice! haha

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