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Frozen gutters slowing my work

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My diary is packed with gutter cleans, soon I'm going to lose a lot of time due to frozen gutters.  In the past it wasn't a problem as I had time to reschedule, now I have too much business.


I'm thinking of some cheap but effective way to defrost gutters.  The cheapest option seems to be to pump very salty water in there.  Not sure if it will work or not yet.


One concern I have is that salt is corrosive to metal so I guess I shouldn't use this technique on metal gutters.


Any ideas or thoughts on the problem of frozen gutters?

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All I do is get a screwdriver and break it up using that 

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I uset to find that when they were frozen (on plastic guttering) I'd go up on ladder and squeeze the glittering and the ice and all the **** would pop out in big pieces and make the job quicker. Waste of time using gutter vac when it's frozen 

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Had tried to clean a gutter out last week, guttervac wouldnt do anything, got ladders out, all the crud was frozen solid, moss on the roof tiles solid like concrete, couldnt budge it, so packed up, was a learning experience, next time, i will use my gardeners downspout cleaner to check if frozen.


I did think I could melt them if I use my lpg heater, but dont know if it would work that well, or take forever.

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It’s always best to be realistic in winter, if it’s sub-zero, best to leave it to another day. You’re taking a risk of slipping, whether it be on a ladder, on foot, or driving. And a one hour job can turn in to a half a day job or you just accept it’s not profitable/not possible and leave for a warmer day.
Also with the weather being rough and daylight hours being as short as they are you can’t realistically get through the same amount of work as you can in the summer. If you’re delayed you’re delayed 🤷‍♂️ just let the customers know.
Booking in too much work this time of year you run the risk of not getting it done and customers are never pleased with delays. It is unavoidable but id rather have 3 customers waiting than 33 waiting

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Part Timer

Brush and gooseneck off the Gardiner pole and tap the gutters from the ground. Ice cracks and get the ladders out. Only problem is if the downpipe is frozen solid. 

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