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Super max hm VS Slx. Gardiner Poles

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Alright you bunch of W....... window cleaners


Getting another pole soon, currently got my 25slx on the market place here, will be buying a new 27, with a possible extension.


My question is, Slx or super max?

I’ve never held a super max, not much in weight, Slx slightly lighter. I just wanted to see what’s more popular and why,


thanks chaps 👍

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I have a Supermax 35'  the two top sections are high modulus n its made from 3k carbon which as website says is there most robust pole.  I would say the supermax is a bit stiffer. Slx is still a good pole though at the height your using.

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Got two smax poles. 50’ ish. Construction of the pole is good. I think there’s too many sections though. I’d prefer longer sections.

The poles have taken a lot of abuse and still haven’t snapped. 


I do find that if used horizontally at full extension, ie from a picker, the middle sags down quite a lot. But that’s reflected in the price I guess.


Get the best you can afford!

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I went for the super max 27 in the end. Looks cooler lol

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