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trevor peacock

hate the sun!!!!!

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GSS Window Cleaning

Been thinking this for a while now and in direct sunlight some windows look horrendous. We all think we do a really good job but we probably dont this isn't on every house but I have a handful where no matter what you do you'll get streaks and there only visible when the sun's directly on the glass. Its driven me mad on some days for instance the sun was shining directly on the glass I rinsed and rinsed and no matter what when it dried it left streaks yet done it yesterday on a cloudy day and they have dried fine. Still don't know how to avoid this. I just think the reach and wash isn't always the best but for 90% of houses it's fine. Untill I get a complaint I just get on with it now as I've drove myself crazy some days worrying and thinking it's my technique when I know full well it's the window where the rubbers are on the outside and the sun perishes the rubber. Sometimes I think a wfp brush is too soft as no matter how hard you scrub the top rubber it don't clean it as if you get your ladder out and run a microfiber cloth along it I guarantee it will be black. That's why now on the ones I know will leave streaks I use and old pole with a fitting I can attach a mop too and scrub the rubber before I wash them. You'll be surprised how much black comes off the rubber even on a regular maintaince clean. And I'm convinced it's this. 

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