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Window Cleanind Round for sale in Lichfield/Whittington

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A friend is selling his window cleaning round consisting of £3.5k of work per month on a 4 weekly basis, there are also a small number of 8 weekly. Established for 18 years, all year round customers. Majority cash payers with a small number of bank transfers.


He also has an almost new 500l 2 man k-systems setup complete with 4040 RO with auto shut off.


Looking for 3.5 cleans for the round and £1100 for the system.


I was originally going to be taking on the round myself but financially i just cant commit. The work is so compact, some streets with 15+ jobs on side by side

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From what I saw when looking at it the avg price would be higher than that. £9.45 seems a bit low for the prices i were looking at. Best thing to do is give him a call. Very easy guy to talk to

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Hi, Is this still work still available? Interested if it is.. text me on 07505482674 thanks.

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