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Master Jedi Alejandro

Van Hack for Kangoo Drivers

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Master Jedi Alejandro

Afternoon all!


Here's a quick security tip for Renault Kangoo owners when using a mounted system (may work for other vans, also).


So I don't have any sort of outlet to connect a reel and keep the van doors shut. And unfortunately the Kangoo doesn't let you lock the cab while the rear doors are open (unlike practically every other van). This creates a obvious security risk. Plus, if you carry multiple poles, then you have to leave some unattended, which again is not ideal.


I figured out today, though, you can use the give in the rubber seal at the bottom of the smaller door to pass the reel hose through no problems. It's not too tight (a bit of resistance but nothing it can't handle) and allows you to lock the van. I'll put photos below. 


Few things. The hose is locked in place so you need to make sure you have enough reeled out first. You also need to make sure the hose doesn't stop the larger door from closing over otherwise it won't work. You should see what I mean in the photos.


Anyway, hopes this helps someone!




Pasted Graphic 1.jpg

Pasted Graphic 2.jpg



Pasted Graphic.jpg

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Or you get a holesaw a cut a hole in your van. That’s coming from me who said I would never ever drill holes in my van. 😪😥😂😂😂😂


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