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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Webasto diesel hot water system

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Webasto Thermo top C - 5kW
Perfect working order for its intended purpose. Suitable for pre-heating a water/header tank and basic frost protection. It is not set up for heat 'on demand' I have tested this unit extensively and it functions to the letter - it heats a tank from 8 degrees C to 50 degrees C in around half an hour and 70 + degrees C in an hour. It will cycle and maintain this for 2 hours - which is the normal cut off for a webasto. Will be demonstrated on collection.
Comes with fuel tank (with a bit of fuel). Heater and fuel pump. Short lengths of radiator hose. Short length of exhaust and silencer. 7 day programmer/timer - wavin (Heatmiser) the same as the upgrade available for around £100 from webasto. This timer gives you the ability to pre-set a temperature (like a room thermostat) and the heater will come on to pre-heat the water. Perfect to keep the frost off the tank. 
To connect it to your window Cleaning tank you will need some 19mm radiator hose. 3/4” tank/bulkhead connectors and a decent battery bank (200aH at least) if you are not able to connect to mains electricity to charge your current leisure battery. You may also need some more fuel pipe and exhaust pipe depending on how you install it.

These can cost thousands from the likes of Grippa or Ionics 

Open to sensible offers 

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