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Iain jones

Merman excelerator review

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Iain jones

I recently bought the Moerman Excelerator, I have not used it yet but would love to hear reviews and are there pros and cons 

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Some days you'll want to stamp on it other days it will be the best thing since sliced bread.  It took me a year of perseverance to get consistency day in and day out with the liquidator in general. The excelerator handle is useful and I prefer it slightly to the standard moerman handle but work happily with both.


Pros : Cuts down detailing massively, useful to have the angle adjuster  for any trad pole work.


Cons: Eats rubber quickly, and is prone to lines if not fine tuned.



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I love it. Especially with the fliq pad on pole work.


I do have the large 55cm one though and it is rubbish. The handle has too many moving parts in it and the channel is not stiff enough, so you end up fighting slop and have to use excessive pressure to get good results in the corners.


The shorter channels are fine though.


I just started using the 45cm unger s channel with (gasp) a moerman handle as my main squeegee, and I think I'll keep it that way. I got the elongated unger handle for it, but it doesn't have enough grip whereas the most moerman handle has a rubber part on it.


Still have the shorter moerman on hand when needed of course.


All red razer rubber.

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