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What would be the best option

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Hey guys last couple weeks i have been posting leaflets and then I started to knock some doors after but i haven’t had any response. Do you reckon i should just carry on posting them and waiting for a response or still try knocking?

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Clearview Lee

Just a personal note, I wouldn't leaflet in Feb.


I've always used Spring onwards to blitz my desired areas/roads. you never know though, peeps may hang on to them till it brightens up, but other halves might just see any leaflet as junk and stick it in the bin.


I know I never look at mine :-)))

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Maybe a silly question, but is the phone number on the leaflets correct? 2 weeks of leaflets should give some response........

Yeah, as above, Jan and Feb aren’t great months, but I started this time of year and still got some business. Definitely knock, but do it early evening when people are more likely to be in. Doing it in the day and you will get dossers, or no answer.

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