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So I've got a full round, I work on my own, how do you expand and grow? Do I buy a van and gear it up and employ someone to work? I would like to continue to grow my business, but I'm not sure which step to take, any help would be greatly appreciated

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paul alan

There are lots of lazy idiots out there who'll love to take your wages from you, be careful about who you take on.


Try training someone up alongside you on a 3-month trial, get to know them a bit and see how they go. Then if your happy go ahead and invest.

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Find a brick wall and repeatedly smash your face Into it.


That will give you some idea of what it feels like to start employing.



I suppose the logical steps would be


Fill your round up to the max then get a 2 man system and max out the one van. Then get a second van.


But at some point you need to decide if you want to go over the VAT threshold or not.


Personally I'm working towards 1 full time guy and stay just under. Could not be arsed with multiple staff and vans at all it's hard enough just finding one.


Oh and what Paul said, make sure your contracts include a trial period......you want to take your time trying to find the right one but be quick to get rid and try someone else if it's not working. 

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Cleanteam South west

We used to employ 3 plus me and the wife, the first bloke aged around 55 smashed the van into a taxi, then left. we then had a young lad 18 was always ringing in sick or would not turn up when you had work booked in, so had to myself. and as for paying someone 5.6 weeks a year to have a holiday, that one used to make me flip, been self employed since 94 so cant remember what its like to have a paid holiday. all were great on there 3 months trial. 

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