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Gaining commercial customers

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Do what I did and clean the wrong building 😄 

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In all seriousness a lot of it is who you know, being in the right place at the right time and don’t be fooled into thinking that free cleans for MD houses doesn’t count etc. 


With the increase this year and late last year I’m having a van just for commercial work

and will be sign written to that effect. Im not a 100% set on it but being doing my figures and it should be doable/ROI etc. 

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Clearview Lee

I got the bulk of my commercial window cleaning (offices) on the back of a customers daughter who fancied me. A real minger too. She worked for a large motor company and she got me the job. They have 5 plots within a 8mile radius that I do also. From that I got another large motor company next door when it opened, and also got all their yearly gutter cleans for a handsome sum. 


Ive looked after these for 17 years now, and have been my ‘bills paid’ bread & butter money in that time. If I had them all lined up together nicely, I reckon I could to them all in 2 days easily.  So they are very handy to have - especially as you can literally start as early as you want. 


A lot just down to luck like this.


I owe a lot to that ugly girl that fell for a super-stud Prince! 

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