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Who to appeal to?

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Im just on the verge of taking on my first employee and after reading the gov.uk website it talks about disciplinary and grievance policies. Now I’ve had experience of d&g when I worked in retail and interviews were always done by two people interviewing ( one asking questions the other note taking), the person who was being investigated and a rep of there choosing (normally another employee). Same with a grievance procedure although it would be a higher up manager leading it. 

Now if it’s your first employee then there’s just you and him/her in the company how do you deal with d&g with regard note takers, reps, appeals etc?

Obviously hope to never need this but it is a legal requirement I believe that you have to set out a policy to a new employee?

Any advice greatly appreciated 

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Most of employment is common sense. In the first 2 years an employee has no right to a tribunal for unfair dismissal unless they are accusing you of being racist or otherwise discriminatory to them.


You need to show due diligence... Such a wide ranging statement who the hell knows what it means. I would make sure they have proper training and you record it somewhere with a signature from both of you. Lots of one man band type guys have a handy helper on the books. Kudos to you for wanting to do it all legit though.

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