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Resin driveway clean

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Afternoon all.

i hve been asked to clean a driveway by a regular customer.  The driveway is resin bound so was wondering if a pressure washer would be overkill? Also can you use cleaning products on it? 


Cheers for any input.


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Ive done a couple previously, its a bit of a sod as depending on its condition it can be a lot like trying to pressure clean tarmac (not a great idea) softwashing is the safe approach, whats the main issue? is it just dirt or has it gone green? does it have anything growing through it (Weeds in cracks that might make it unstable/lead to loss of particles). if its just dirt then youd be as well to use a weak hypo/blackwash solution and i mean weak as if its coloured then theres a chance of fading if you go too strong, elbow grease with agitating it and then a low pressure (black attachment on lance) rinse down. if its green do the same thing but treat it with a biocide afterwards or if its just severely green then I would be tempted to offer a biocide only treatment as theres no chance of damaging it that way

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