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Iain jones

First time cleans or one off cleans

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44 minutes ago, Iron Giant said:

I had one like that the other day the client had spent months having their cottage renovated new roof, render windows and more there were tiny specks of render on some of the windows which only became noticeable during the clean I made him aware straight off and walked him around and told him I don't do builders cleans I don't remove cement and that some damage may become apparent later which they may not have seen during the renovations with the windows being so dirty.

He started taking bits off with his fingernail 😲 and had to stop him and told him he could damage the glass, I told him about cement off by titan labs which my thoughts are that it should deal with the specks with no trouble, but the balls in his court as I ain't paying £22.00 for something I will use once are my thoughts but it's £20.00 monthly job so not sure if I should bite the bullet, as I have cleaned his mother in laws house for years and also his sons.

Looks alright that titan stuff to be fair! There’s always something new lol. Expensive few weeks for us as it is. New pole as the one of ours split, got 2 new backpacks as the ones we are currently using are on borrowed time, now we’re low on resin as well & the vans going in for a service. 🤪 and to top it all off i spent 3 hours tinkering with our brushcutter/strimmer, stipped the carb cleaned it out & everything threw it back together & it still slows down & stalls on full throttle 🙈 so thats up the workshop being fixed too 😬

like me, none of our gear is getting any younger!

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On 25/02/2019 at 11:17, Iain jones said:

When I do a first time or one of clean how much should I charge 

I normally charge a bit under x2 the x-month(s) fee

For example i did one today the first clean was £25 and then it will be £15 every 4 weeks.

And in the morning i'm doing a one off clean for a 3 bedroom property and its a £40 pound job. 

Push your luck a bit buddy if you are offering a high end quality service then you can charge more 

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