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Long pole questions

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Hi guys I’m just looking to start up, I was considering going wfp but all the pure water seems a hassle as I just have a car, I’m looking at going traditional but with no ladders using a large pole for the upstairs windows and frames.

A few questions if I may...

Could I buy and use a wfp but just not run water through it?

If not could you recommend a good long trad pole that’s good price but also quality.

lastly any advice on going trad with large pole.

many thanks.

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To try and do a good job trad with a pole on upstairs windows will be very difficult, there are so many using wfp that you will probably struggle to get work as they will be able to do a better job than you as they can clean the frames as well ,trad it will be virtually impossible to achieve this . Wfp May sound difficult but once set up it’s easy , working from a car will be slow and hard work though but it would get you started 

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As Pjj said once you have set up WFP system its easy. I worked out of a car for years with a pole. After 13 years I wouldn't trust results with a long pole trad .

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Daniel Perkins
Posted (edited)

For domestic work imo wfp is by a country mile far more superior than trad. I'm saying that and my work is about 75% trad.

Edited by Daniel Perkins

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