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Fitting a bilge pump help!

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Hi all, I’m looking to fit a bulge pump into my 500l baffled tank but don’t no how to go about it. I was wondering if any one has done this? What’s the best and neatest way? What pump do you recommend? Any help would be a great, it’s frying my brain just thinking about it! 😂

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I've fitted bilge pumps to tanks before, for fast fill of backpack.

The best way I found was to fit 3/4" hose to bilge pump and sit bilge pump on bottom of tank with hose going to and connected to 3/4" plastic tank fitting drilled and fitted through tank near the top.

Outer side of tank fitting 3/4" hose in length you require with a tap or trigger nozzle. 

Wiring from bilge pump to 12v supply with on off switch. 

Switch on open tap or trigger and fast fill from your tank.

Will take some pictures tomorrow. 👍

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