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pole weight over two storeys

Guest Ginge

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Guest Ginge

For my general day to day poles I use 17ft xtel telescope poles which are really nice and easy. However when it comes to the 3rd storey we use a 27ft xtel pole which I have to say gets very have and awkward to work with. All the poles are hybrid poles so I assume its a fiberglass composite. Because we don't have a massive amount of three storey work its never been a big issue. I am however now thinking about making my own carbon pole from carp, carbon fiber fishing rods modular poles which will make everything lighter and stiffer. Has anyone done this or made there own poles in some way? I reckon that when its easier to work with these bog poles then i'll be happy to go after higher work. Any advice would be great.

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I made a couple and use it for my higher stuff over 30 ft.Easy to modify,I use the Ron Thomson Gangsta carp pole,you dont need the top three sections and you cut the forth section so the end of a broom stick with the thread on slides inside and glue/epoxy resin then when dry attach adjustable angle (Flipfast) wrap electrical tape around each end of the section of pole this adds a bit of strength and easier to pull apart and hose goes round the outside.

Weight wise its about 1kg.if you buy two with a bit of electrical tape to pack out the end of the sections you can get to about 50ft +.

About £69 for pole and a good stop gap till you can buy a Purpose made pole :)

Or a Gardiner CL-X 27 £180

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I'm with nearly - I use my CLX 27 for most stuff, but recently loaned my Brodex modular pole to a friend, who has just had a shoulder op.


Intended to get it back off him, but one of my customers sold me a 2nd hand carbon fishing pole - after setting it up I have a 36ft carbon pole that weighs less than 1kg and cost me £50 all in.



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Guest Ginge

Thanks for your replies gents. Yesterday i ordered a Ron Thompson Gangster pole and various accessories in order to make the pole. I'm also about to order a Zensorflex which can be added to the pole in order to make it that bit longer. I now need to work out what is a good lightweight brush head to use in conjunction with the setup.

I also figured that at least if i can make a pole then future poles and heights can be overcome.

Failing that if i make a pigs ear of everything then at least I’ve only knackered a fishing rod (and i don't go fishing) and not a day to day pole and can buy the CLX27.

I'll probably take some step by step photos and a finished example and then at least other people can have a go if they want to.

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