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Getting new customers...

Guest Door2DoorPro

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Guest Door2DoorPro

What is the best way of getting new customers?



Leaflet drops?


Advertising e.g. Newspapers, Sign writing, T shirts?

Word of mouth?

Informing the close neighbors?

Canvassing yourself?

Professional canvassing team?


They all work but which would work best for you?

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I think you need a combination of all of the above to build up a round quickly,I would say looking smart goes a long way when picking up new work.

Sign written motor is great because it is very visible when your working and you be surprised how many people will call after seeing your motor around a few times.Having Internet presence like a website or listed on directories is good way of picking up work without have to put much effort into it.

Canvassing is in my opinion whether you do it yourself or employ a firm to do it the best way of getting a good start and foundation for a round and when starting out you may have a lot of time on your hands so you might as well get door knocking.

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Guest Door2DoorPro

Yes i agree all the steps need to be followed in order to build a reliable long term customer base, id be interested in knowing if any one has managed to build a round from scratch without any of the above though just to see if it is possible.

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Would always canvass 5 houses each way from any new jobs you get.



Be careful with newspapers, & yellow pages type advertising - as the work can be really scattered.


If you get say 4 houses on 1 road, and are really short of work, with plenty of time on your hands - just do 1 per day - that way you get a much higher presence in the road, more people may see you as different people are home different days - and they often think if you are down the road again you must have picked up loads of work, so must be doing something right.


I think ultimately though, the quality of your job is what will get & keep the most customers.



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Thats a really good point Dave,I do that often leave a couple of hours work in one road till a later date and start another and pick up new work because on my usual day they are out but the on that particular day they were off work but ultimately its the quality of your work that will make or break you.

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Guest Catherine

Yes Flip, if you are considering doing local press, you need to do it consistently 1 "offs" dont work. Best in the classified, even if small, on a regular basis.

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Guest kev mcguinness

All of these are great ways to build but it depends what you are looking for. If it's just houses then canvassing yourself is probably the best as you can price the job and arrange when to do it there and then. If you are looking to pick up commercial work then definitely signwritten van and embroidered tshirts give off a good impression. One thing I like to do is canvass an area I know i will be cleaning the next day, if people do want you then you can do it the next day. If they are not home, pop through a "sorry i missed you" leaflet with a quote on and they might see you the next day and take you on as well...

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