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Level of water filtration needed for a pressure washer

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Hi, I want to filter water used to clean wheelie bins in the back of my van, back to a tank which the pressure washer can use again. 

Hence be able to do a full days work and not worry about running out of water.

Does anyone know what generally the level of filtration of water a petrol 400cc pressure washer would need to not damage it?


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Iron Giant

As far as I am aware you don't need to filter the water even in a hard water area, but I could be wrong 

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I'm not a pressure washer guy, but does @Malcolm mean he wants to reuse the dirty water from the cleaned bins?


I guess you could use a sieve on the input but with all that gunk you clean out

that doesn't sound like a good plan. Any further water filters would probably be a waste or money compared to filling up with fresh water.

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I wouldn’t want to reuse any dirty water , even if it was filtered it will still have grease and other contamination I don’t think that will do the seals any good at all on the pump . 

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What size van/tank you got?

cant you just refill somewhere when youve run out? I know its not that green but i wouldnt want to run dirty water through my pump


offer a deal to one of your existing customers free bin clean if you can re fill your tank

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