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Hi all,


I hope everyone has been keeping well & busy leading up to the Christmas period.


Thanks once again for everyone who offered advice and help on my last post, it has given me a great idea on how to get my business off the ground.


Today I ask for help again, I have managed to secure my first bit of business ahead of schedule. The customer is understanding of my situation in that I do not have a van and are nicely waiting for me to get the right equipment before cleaning their outside windows.


However, the customer is interested in me cleaning the inside of their windows as they haven't had it done in a while and want it clean for Christmas.


What I was hoping was for someone to list me all the equipment needed to do an inside clean. I am keen to get the best equipment for the job, from both a quality and cost standpoint. Please list absolutely everything which you would use if you was to do an inside clean.


Once again let me just say thanks in advance. This forum is helping me massively to get myself up and running.



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Hi Owen 

you will need an applicator and squeegee there come in different sizes but most popular are  around 12 inches , a scraper will be useful, and a bucket , also mine microfibres cloths , I would give Mark Robbins a ring at Wintecs he is reasonably well priced with stuff and very helpful, you will also need some detergent as well I personally use gg3 but there are loads of different ones , I use unger stuff it’s ok and will last years , if funds allow a bucket on a belt are also very useful but avoid the ninja ones the blue piled one is good , rubbers for the squeegee come in hard and soft again it’s down to choose either will do the job , 

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As you're only doing one internal clean, for the moment, I would suggest the following equipment. Fill the spray bottle with purified water, spray on to glass, use glass scraper (if needed) on the pane, clean with microfibre cloth, clean with Glass Cloth and then, with the Glass Cloth, cover your index finger and wipe around the edge and corner of the pane of glass for a neat finish. Rinse and repeat for every pane. This is a simple way if you're not planning on doing many interiors. It's a good method on the small Georgian panes of glass too. Alternatively, use trad equipment like @Pjj said. 


Microfibre Cloths (these are great quality and very absorbent) : https://paragonmicrofibre.com/product/premium-general-purpose-terry-cloths-450gsm/


Glass Cloth : https://paragonmicrofibre.com/product/premium-glass-cloth/

Spray bottle : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jantex-Colour-Coded-Bottles-Yellow/dp/B01N1VIX3M/ref=sr_1_4?adgrpid=52834629083&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7e59fXO_SKRe_SdZwVwIjAuXXFgimd-QmX0pM_QleB8P1sQmd8wjMgaAnR0EALw_wcB&hvadid=259091309270&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9045127&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t2&hvqmt=e&hvrand=3682033486487496305&hvtargid=kwd-21810826&hydadcr=28148_1724781&keywords=spray+bottles&qid=1575300353&sr=8-4


Glass Scraper : https://www.wintecs.co.uk/window-cleaning-tools/scrapers-and-blades/unger-ergotec-glass-scraper-15cm/


Glass Scraper Blades : https://www.wintecs.co.uk/window-cleaning-tools/scrapers-and-blades/unger-15cm-glass-scraper-blades-x-25/



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Dave B

My choice would be a moerman microfibre applicator as it holds a lot of water and for a novice unger ergotec squeegees in 10" and 14".

Not much you can't do with that.

Get a washing up sponge (or a pack of them) with the green scourer attatched.

Soap up the glass and quickly scrub the window with the scourer and blade off.. you may need to re soap the window but means you don't need to use a scraper for fly poop etc. 

It speeds the job up giving it a quick scrub.

I get my microfibres from wilko. 

Called glass cleaning cloths and around 3 quid each. 


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If I was WFP and was just looking for basic trad gear for doing internals.




Unger pole 8ft.

14" Moreman excelerator 2.0 with fliq.

A microfiber cloth to wipe sills.




Thats really all you need, but to improve your kit:


Optional extras...


14" applicator and squeegee. (Unger ergotec is my preference)

Buy a 6" unger ergo tech for hoppers.

Pouches, belt, Boab( bucket on a belt)

Scrims, or detailing cloth like unger microwipe

Unger bucket with lid


Nice to have...


Unger fixi clamp

change the liquidator channel to an unger s-plus

Scrapper or steel wool grade 0000

Small squeegee extention (unger)

Large towel or scrim for placing unger windows if your are turning any in to clean the exterior.




Leave your bucket just outside the away from any carpets.

Keep your applicator lightly soaked and not dripping.

Try not to stand on anything like worktops or toilet seats that might break just use your extensions poles.

Move any ornaments lamps etc away from you when working, especially while wearing tools belts that you might not be used to.

Avoid leaning your hand on painted walls around windows for ballance or leverage. if your hands are wet from the applicator, dirt may trasfer.

Knock any closed doors before you enter 😉

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I'd say a 12" squeegy is better for a starter and perhaps a 4" one for fiddly little windows, my preference is the SPC/Sorbo but there are many makes to choose from.

Also many vids on YouTube that show how best to use them.

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