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Morning everyone


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I am due to be made redundant on 31/10/2011 so have decided to start up a window cleaning business. Quite excited about it!. I have quite a bit of leave to take before I finish work so intend to use that time to build up a customer base. I canvassed a small estate last week...only about 15 houses and managed to get 3 customers, so i am due to clean their windows on Monday. I intend to do some serious canvassing next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I just hope there are enough customers out there. I live in a rural part of Derbyshire so I am wondering if it is worth visiting the really remote areas with houses that are hidden away....the theory being that other window cleaners may not have visited. I don't know if this will pay off, but I will give it a go. Could I ask a couple of questions:

1) It may sound stupid, but how much washing up liquid would you use in half a bucket of water.

2) Has anyone managed to make a decent effective flyer?..I wasn't particularly impressed with my first efforts and I think its important to make it look professional.


cheers guys

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Guest Catherine



Good luck in the new venture.


If you want a flyer designed let me know, as our designer does flyers for the commercial window cleaners I work for. Not expensive...


Kind regards

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Cheers nearlyclean. I am out tomorrow morning doing my first windows (three customers). Once I have done them I will spend the day canvassing. Hopefully, I will pick up a few more customers. Heres hoping!

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How did you get on with the canvassing and the first day window cleaning


The day went really well, although I was pretty slow. Also, the backs of the houses that I was cleaning were nearly all glass!!...they were eco houses. Anyway, I managed to pick up a couple of additional customers from the same estate without even canvassing. I went out canvassing today...spent a couple of hours canvassing a couple of streets and lanes and picked up 8 customers!! plus three or four potentials. I have booked them all in for next wednesday (my next day off from my regular job). I felt really encoraged. I just need to speed up now. The flyer is looking a lot better. My daughters friend designed me a colourful logo...it looks really good.



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Thanks Sienna

Things are going ok. I have about 20 customers now with a few garden customers as well...and I dont finish work until 31/10/2011. Unfortunately though I have a couple of people who have not paid after two cleans. I have done a few short stints of canvassing. I quite enjoy it. It gives you a real buzz when you manage to pick a customer up. You do have spells though where everyone seems to say that they already have a window cleaner. I just keep going. I have had one quote turned down. It was a very big bungalow with a big conservatory...all leaded glass. I quoted 14 pounds. he obviously thought it was too much.

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