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P.W exhaust problem

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Just a quick question for those of you that have mounted your washer in the van.... my van is pretty small and where i want to locate the washer in the van leaves the exhaust about 4 inch from the van sidewall/plyline and plastic trim 🙈


has anyone extended their exhaust to run outside? Or fabricated aheat shield? 


Any help appreciated, need this van to last me a couple more years!

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Your plywood will probably go on fire. Better to have it point to the middle of the van and keep the doors open. You could always vent the exhaust through the floor like my Webasto heater has.

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Easily resolved -




There's also flexible exhaust. Example -


https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-50-8mm-STAINLESS-STEEL-FLEXI-EXHAUST-PIPE-REPAIR/124006431543?hash=item1cdf5bfb37:g:PD4AAOSwQG9d7-ed. Find a piece to fit.


Had a stainless steel exhaust made & it's wrapped in this. It works.

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