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40 x 40 menbrane

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hi guys what 40x40 membranes are you   running  and what the best ones 

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Depends on your tap pressure but generally from my research the axeon hf5 for low pressure is one of the best.

had mine over 2 and a bit years now and taking water down from 75ppm to 2ppm with a tap pressure of only 50psi and producing 120 litres-ish an hour, no booster pump

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Same as @mufcglen @babs2020. Mine is performing the same with the same water pressure. My membrane has been in service since September 2012.

Our tap water tds is between 120 and 140ppm atm. It does fluctuate between 80 and 150. Pure tds from the membrane is usually 3ppm.

Sure there are cheaper Chinese made membranes out there but when the time comes I will replace this with another Axeon HF5 4040 membrane.

Pure to waste ratio is around 55 waste to 45 pure.


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