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should i add rough pricing guide to leaflets?


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I know many have said before should i put prices on website x size house costs blah blah etc. Now i don't think this is a good idea because all houses are different BUT


What i was thinking was more like adding a little slip with one of my leaflets that reads something like this.


As we were unable to see the back of you house today we can not give you an accurate quote for the whole house, please see rough guide below to get an idea on what it may cost.

On average most of our domestic cleans cost between

£5 - £15 a month

Rough price guide

(Note that we may still need to adjust the final cost of a clean depending on many factors like access, how dirty your windows and frames are, type of window etc)

£1 per standard window

£1.50 for large windows

£2 per bay window and patio door

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At that pricing none of your customers can be £5.

Unless they live in a shed.

Include average prices for the area, but don't put pricing on, people will add up for themselves and be put off.

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Oh they can, I have a few front onlys 3-4 windows and door I set min charge to 5 as no point driving there getting gear out for 2-3 quid.


Good point about them adding up for self but end of day if I drop leaflet only they wont even bother as what they really want to know is how much it will cost.

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Guest colinvansmith

I'd avoid it as each house is soo different, if you estimate and then change it even if you have written that you may yo will lose customers i've tried it all. When people get a flyer through the door the first thing they are thinking is do i need a window cleaner or i'm not happy with my current window cleaner, not about the price also its best doing the negotiating face to face so they can see your a pro and this allows you to sell your service



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Sell quality of work, not affordability.

I recently designed a new leaflet, and in 95% I sell my company, our quality of work and services we provide, then in one large font at the bottom of the flyer I say we're "affordable".

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Definitely wouldnt put the price on.


Lots of my customers have big windows (8 ft across), which I would count as two windows - but it could be a real sticking point if they worked out their price, and you came in and said it was going to be £X more.



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I said average prices for the area can help, don't go tweaking figures to make yourself look cheaper.

I picked up a £12 house yesterday by knocking on the door and asking if she'd like a quote.

She already had a window cleaner, who charged £8, but i sold my product first, said we were fully insured, had a decades experience yadda yadda and she bought my product.

Look smart, act professional, smile.

Then people won't mind spending more, when quality of work is better.

From that experience take on board, that if your leaflet is attractive, looks professional and sells the product, not the prices, jobs do start coming in, and no, you won't get every potential customers, but the ones you get will be ones who you know look for quality over price, and as such become more reliable customers, as they won't be swayed by cheaper prices if you attracted them with quality....

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If you have your prices organised, there’s nothing wrong in giving potential customers an estimate for maintaining their windows.


Estimates can either go up or down, how many different prices or price bands do you have Gav?



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Gav I did this when I first started and it was an absolute headache, I definitely wouldn't recommend it, What ever price you put on your flyer that is the price they will want it for, even if they do have 10 windows that are covered with criss crosses of lead strips. The minute you tell then there's will be a little dearer, they look at you like you are conning them.


I would just put a small spiel like "quote are absolutely free with no obligation to accept". Or "Quotes are absolutely free, just call XXXXX XXXXXX".

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Gav, If that’s what you are going to be charging anyway - £5-15 - there’s no reason why you can’t put that on the flyer as an estimate as typical cost of your service.


Also mention work that requires more time or if the buildings have more windows it may cost a little bit more.



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The £5 to £15 is actually a nice bracket to be sitting in as you can rack up lots of customers who are willing to pay these prices.


However, I wouldn't add the prices into leaflets as every house is different. So it would be 'miss-leading' to potential customers & may even annoy them if you turn around and give them a different price (higher than the ones you have put into your leaflets).


My personal oppinion anyways.



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glad you did never put any prices on show,you could have leafleted another windy in the area and he will think mmmm ill under cut this lad??


you have a nice bracket same as mine realy so just stick with that and go by eye.

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We never do that. we always say rughly it is £1 per window but depends on the window and how accessable it is so therefore need to give a quote first so there is no missunderstandings. thats that and i stick to it no matter what :)

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glad you did never put any prices on show,you could have leafleted another windy in the area and he will think mmmm ill under cut this lad??


you have a nice bracket same as mine realy so just stick with that and go by eye.


Yeah that's a good point. Never show your prices, keep it a mystery to your compe***ors. Makes life that little bit harder for them.



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