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When are you going back? (Poll)

How many are resuming work?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. When are you going back to work?

    • I never stopped
    • I've already resumed work
    • I'm returning next week
    • I'm waiting for a couple more weeks
    • I'm waiting until the lockdown ends

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The tide seems to be turning on the main Covid-19 discussion thread. 

When are you returning?

The poll is anonymous to get an idea of how the community stands on the issue of when to resume work.

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Completed my second week of been back out there, I personally think having 2 weeks off initially gave myself and my custys time to process the situation we are all in, the new normal will go on for months to come, 3 weeks has come and gone and will repeat for many weeks to come, 

Getting back out there if your health allows you to do so, I would say get back out as it will take time to adjust to your new working day of taking precautions, spraying gate latches with disinfectant spray cleaning hoses, equipment and washing hands and so on throughout the working day. 

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I went back to work on Tuesday and I barely slept on Monday night thinking about what the reaction was going to be but I couldn't have been more wrong, everyone has been spot on and had customers who I've never seen before coning out to talk to me. I done the same amount of work this week as I would normally do, just like a normal week. 

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I felt a but jittery the thought of going back last Tuesday,  but I needn't have worried it went fine. It's added about 2 hours onto my working week  with cleaning and distancing protocols which is a small price to pay, and I didn't realise how much I missed my job.

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I'm sticking it out - not much choice really either. Automatic gearbox on the car went kerput. Now would be a good time to upgrade to a van obviously but try finding one in a lockdown - they're all miles away.

The car still runs BUT I can't use it for hauling barrels of water about really - the gearbox is whining and clearly not going to live much longer and what with the plague and having a 5 year old son i don't dare destroy it completely.

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I went back there on thursday, was going to leave it till next wk, but got van back from garage with a £600+ bill, so contacted a few customers, only had a couple that said not to bother. Picked up a new job as well, the houses I cleaned were mostly detached houses,so not anxious of passerby. However got a good few houses on a high st,which I'm not keen on doing, as you cant get out of way easily if folk are determined to walk past you on path n you cant get out of their way.

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I won't answer the poll as I am not in the UK.

It looks like we are going to be allowed to start back the week after next but I have reservations. most of our customers will be at home with their cars clogging up their driveways. The weather is warm so loads of windows will be open.The schools are shut until after next half term so there will be kids to contend with.

There will be a ban on direct contact with customers, they will be required to stay inside whilst we are there. There may be other rules that we don't yet know about.

Some customers will have lost their jobs so will probably need to stop us for a while.

It's not going to be life as we know it, on the other hand we haven't yet received a penny from our government, hoping that will come next week.

Stay safe folks.

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19 hours ago, Martyn said:

It looks like we are going to be allowed to start back the week after next but I have reservations. most of our customers will be at home with their cars clogging up their driveways. The weather is warm so loads of windows will be open.The schools are shut until after next half term so there will be kids to contend with.

The above was my concern also, but things have gone ok surprisingly straightforward so far, custys popping their heads out the window saying hello and to give me time to get the kids in and so on, I would usually do all the upstairs windows on a house then the downs, but have changed this to fronts first so it gives time for some of them to see me before going to the backs, had to knock 1 custy as they hadn't realised I was at the front and they were totally fine,

just take each day at a time and count every working day as a blessing, I am thankful I am able to return to as some people won't be, so it's good to be out earning and paying my bills rather than having my wife having to do her job and worry about the bills getting paid. 

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scottish cleaning service

All my customers were sitting out in the front communal garden yesterday taking in the sun. I was talking to them all who were meant to fly abroad this year. They all said they will not be flying this year because the cabin air will be recirculating air and will be easy to catch any viruses. They may holiday at home or not far away and may spend the money on doing up their home. fwiw

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johnny bravo

Same here    Shorts coming out now.   Dusting them down.      People will be so Jealous of us now enjoying this Summer .      Keeping your Distance at all times.     Anyone in Garden make sure you ask permission first to enter .   Kids may be out.    Parents may not  like you just walking in as normally would.   A little Respect.     All my customers as of now have been great  about me turning up again.      First 2 weeks I never bothered,     All because  they mentioned only Essential workers go out.

London Building sites back at work tomorrow.    So all Tubes / busses will be back on the news showing everyone stood togeather coughing near each other.      Glad its not me

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I went back this Tuesday (day after bank holiday). I had 3 weeks off initially as although it was clear to me I could work, I wasn’t sure how I would be received. Also I saw a couple of posts on FB of “selfish” window cleaners carrying on. However after 3 weeks I texted all my customers for the next day and everyone was fine with me coming. I’ve added new customers every day this week, I think due to people being in and seeing me. I think a lot of people can work from home or have been furloughed, and as it is hard to spend money at the moment as nothing is open, some of my customers actually have MORE money, especially the ones who are saving on child care. Although this isn’t a good situation, I’m looking at the silver lining and and adding customers without even trying. I’m doing all the usual safety measures other cleaners are doing. My experience in returning to work has been a pleasure, people want me to come. There are some I know will disagree with my decision and I respect that but I’m cracking on (obviously no inside windows). I’m also a chimney sweep and have lost a few jobs as I wont go in properties. I’ve been surprised I’ve even been asked to be honest. But on the whole, I’m pleased with my decision to recommence.

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Quite surprised how many are back now. I'm starting back tomorrow after a month off but with some changes.

I'm going to text all customers the day before I come instead of just selected ones to open the gate. I'm stopping notes pushed through the door to say we've been and using text message invoicing instead. I'm no longer accepting cash payments (I've been wanting to switch to GC & bank transfer only for a while so this is the best chance I'll ever get). Also going to be wearing gloves and sanitising anything I've touched like gate latches.

The main thing that has been putting me off retuning is backlash from customers/neighbors/passers by/police/vandals etc. But things seem to be settling down now a bit as people are starting to realize life has to carry on as well as we can manage under the circumstances.

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I worked the day after the lockdown 3 weeks ago as I already had the work booked in, but then I did take the Wednesday-Friday off. But then went back in on the following Monday again. About 1 in 7 customers is asking me to leave/postpone. 

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