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Gutter Vac Image Request

Will. C.

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Good Day fellow pole dancers and squeqee slingers!  :D im looking for some good gutter vac images to post of my facebook busniness page / webite to promote my busness etc, the issue im having is as i work on my own its difficut to take great quality pics of the vac in action while im cracking on with the job, from an external point of veiw, I have a few vids of my vac in action shot with the camra on the top of the vac bend.... how do others do it? do they slap a go pro ontop of anouther pole and film the vac in action then? how can they secure it in place so they get the perfect shot? as you can see im in a it of a mudde with it al,  so i wondered if you pros wish to share your secrets with me and or photos? :) greetings from bournemouth everyone!

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