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Starting Out, sort of...

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Well, I say starting out...

ive been window cleaning on and off for my father in law for years now, big jobs, busy periods, etc,etc, as and when needed to help him out really. Got in with a local cleaning company through him and do alot of sub work (pressure washing, bird netting, bird **** clean ups, basically all the stuff his own staff cant or wont do) but it just wasn't regular enough, so around 6 months ago I had a crack at building up my own round of windows.

printed some flyers, already had a van so got my own kit, and went canvassing. Turns out im quite good at it lol,

picked up a fair bit of work canvassing and round was growing nicely (i trad and wfp) canvassing, word of mouth, magnets for vans, I was steadily getting more and more custys then.......


i know its divided opinions for some window cleaners, but I am still out working (txting custys informing them of the measures I am taking) and leaving the ball solely in there court.

to my surprise 90% are more than happy for me to carry on cleaning their windows, however I have ceased all canvassing for obvious reasons, which unfortunately has stopped my growth dead.

So, to my point, lol, since i still need more customers, i finally decided to setup my website www.frostwindowcleaning.co.uk (let me know what u think, criticisms/tips very welcome) and try out facebook ads.

now i have targeted many areas 1km circles to be precice lol, all around areas where i have existing customers, i have just started an ad (£5 a day for 5 days) and will keep this post updated as to how it goes, and see if it yields any returns.

do you guys have any experience with facebook ads? i know £25 is a **** in the ocean, but just thought i would give it a go more for the novelty value really, how much did you spend for  what return etc.

i really cant wait to get back out knocking doors, and the weather is just perfect lately, but i can see this going on for a long long time yet

anyways, sorry for rambling on lol, and thanks for reading!

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