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I'm proper miffed! Need anyones help!!!

Guest Ken

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Ok, so I have a Mac and would like a round management system like roundtracker for Windows.

I'm not buying a new computer just for some software.

So if anyone knows a program I can purchase that works on Macs, that would be great.

But failing that I'm about to purchase a new mobile phone, and I'd like a app or some software that would mean I could manage the work due etc from my phone, I keep all documents etc written at home and on the computer but for everyday business I want it all on my phone.


Third, what phone should i get for this software, I don't mind buying any phone so long as it has an app or software i can manage my business from....


HELP!!! I've searched everywhere online, typed in every Google search possible.

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Just been trying out the online George - really like it.


The scheduling is better, and it prints one worksheet with all the info on it, instead of normal george which prints out a page for each round.



Easy to get used to, and good reports.


Also been able to access it with my windows 6.0 mobile phone - again easy to use.


I have decided to stick with regular george, as my internet is always dropping out, and as it works - no need to fix it - but would recommend the online one.



Wcp also has online system

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I think Round Tracker is based on an excel document - so you may be able to use that with a similar spreadsheet, or can you get excel for mac's?


Surely theres a program I can d/l an keep, use but not store something on the net.

The internet is the wild wild west imo.


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Guest AntonyLiquidBronze

There is a lack of software as most people still use Windows rather than Macs, but you can use a Windows emulator as suggested. Depending upon the quality of the emulator and the complexity of the software you may have mixed results.


However, you can also run Windows directly on a Mac - see http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/guide/windows


We have an online program, but I understand you don't want to use something like that. Unfortunately, if you are wanting to run something on your phone as well as your computer this is by far the easiest, cheapest and most reliable way to do it, hence pretty much all new software applications are going down this route.


Alternatively, you could just book jobs into ical. A quick glance on google suggests that you could then sync your iphone with your ical, via itunes. This would not be web-based software then.


I ran a collection round of 5 vans doing recycling collections using Outlook calendar (the windows version of ical) so I know it is possible. However, it doesn't easily tell you any job history, or allow you to link any customer records with the work you are doing, but will do a passable job for you.


You can also use spreadsheets to schedule things - I've never done this myself, but have seen others do it. I would suggest getting Libre Office as this is free and is likely to stay free (unlike Open Office, which is starting to go down a paid route recently)


So - a few options, but nothing that is immediately install and go unfortunately. Ask around, you might know someone who would be happy to sort it out for you - you might get frustrated with it, but I love fiddling around and sorting out things like that (believe it or not!) :cool:

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Guest Aqua-dapter

Hi Antony,


(unlike Open Office, which is starting to go down a paid route recently)


Do you have a link for this?


PM if you want - don't want to hijack thread.



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Guest AntonyLiquidBronze

Hi Antony,


(unlike Open Office, which is starting to go down a paid route recently)


Do you have a link for this?


PM if you want - don't want to hijack thread.






I thought other people might want to know where to get this program from too


er, looks like my info was out of date and Oracle has now withdrawn from looking at charging for Open Office and they have now handed the code over to Apache




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