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Help...Employee Quality Control

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Hello friends, I look forward to your valued comments!


I have had really bad experiences with dodgy employees.. One lad broke both my Gardiner poles in one week...  learnt the lesson spend more time choosing the right people!

My question if and of you would be able to kindly help, what systems & proccesses do you have in place to ensure that your employees do the work to high standard?


any comments would be much appreciated!🙂


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Training is the key - the risk is you forget all the knowledge that's just obvious to you so don't mention it but it needs to include almost everything you do.

What you do, how you do it, what not to do, risks/ dangers how to mitigate, likely issues/problems, mistakes, potential to cause damage...Have 'em work with you - you show how it's done-  explaining what you're doing and why - point out risks/issues and how you're avoiding them.

Then after a few days/week swap - he leads you watch  - and modify his technique - pointing out what he's doing right and why, wrong and why.

Ask him questions to test he 'understands' what he's doing and why

Observe how he treats the tools and the custy's property/drives/deals with customers/deports himself etc etc 

When something goes wrong - like he breaks the first pole - get him to explain what happened - is he truthful - ask him why he thinks it happened and how it prevent it occurring again - explain the impact - this cost££

Maybe get him to pay for his own pole or by agreement you'll deduct from his wages - you need to get him to feel the risk/pain/exposure.

I broke my first extreme pole in my first week - but then I didn't have the benefit of the above 😉 

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