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Mac allister trigger gun and lance

Conor johnson

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Conor johnson

Hi people ive been given a mac allister pressure washer ive heard they aint the best but free, problem i have is there is no trigger gun or lance and i cannot find one to fit anywere any suggestions would be great the model is MPWP140ITS Thanks. 

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A lance and or attachments might be more difficult to source.

Depending on why you are using it (Personally I wouldn't take it out to a paying job) get a local hose supplier to take the connection to the lance off & have a more generic one fitted.


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Conor johnson

Thats the end of my hose a few guns i have seen look like they would fit but wanted some clarity before i purchased one.


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No that is definitely not standard.

If the link & Direct Hoses sell the same hose I would give them a call to see if they can match it with something else.

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