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Subcontractors and insurance etc

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Hi all,

I have a friend who has a pressure washer and has made a proposal to work as a subcontractor for me as I don't offer pressure washing myself. 

My questions are:

Whats the best way to go about this? The proposal is me finding the work but he carries it out including providing equipment, fuel, and travel etc just using my network and business to find his work.

Who needs insurance? I assume I would need to extend my insurance to cover subcontractors but he would also need his on public liability?

There may be occasions he helps me on busy days on the glass as well, would I then need to employ him or would this still be covered on the subcontracting?



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If he is subcontracting to you, he will have his own public liability. If he works with you odd times that’s what he is doing subcontracting. He will provide you with an invoice for the work he has done for you, then you pay him.  if you have him with you quite a lot, then it will be more complex. As someone is a self employed they will have their own work, so I guess your worker is. If he is starting out with you that’s different. If he is only getting work through you, and your website, and working for you on the glass that is not self employed. He is actually working for you. Look on the Gov website it has a lot of information.


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Part Timer

I have just gone through all of this at my last renewal. If he works on site with you and you tell him what to do then it falls under Labour only contract and you will need employers liability, even if he uses his own equipment. If he works on his own and you only get him the odd job then he requires liability insurance. You will have to inform your insurance company and they should ask you what I've said. The 2 insurance companies I spoke to both said exactly the same thing.

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