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Pure freedom trolley as van mount

Sean murray

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Sean murray

Does anyone use their trolley as a van mount system.  I have a trolley and have purchased a tank and reel and was wondering if anyone else has done this? Would love to see a few pictures of how you have it set up and if you changed any of the hose.fittings. I plan to just drop the suction hose into the top and connect to the reel and  pull away. Am I overlooking anything?

thanks in advance 

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I started like this. Started off with a trolley then brought a larger tank. I adapted the pick up pipe so it had a male hoselock connector on the end instead of the filter. I just plugged that in to a short length of hose from a tap on the tank. I could still use the trolley with water containers by just uncoupling the hoselock connector and dropping the short section back in to the drum for mobile use. The pump and controller on a van system are the same as the trolley it’s just the battery on a van systems that’s larger. Crack on - saves loads of time faffing about changing barrels all day!!!

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Sean murray

Thanks for that. I was thinking I was ok but just second guessing myself wondering what I could mess up. 

I got a 350 liter flat tank so I was just going to drop the suction into the top so I’ve still got the trolley option. 

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That's the route I'm going to be going down, changing the barrels is really beginning to annoy me, it's the effort and I think I am damaging myself lugging the barrels about, I've been getting pains in my right hand side, I'm not sure what it could be but it doesn't hurt as much when I'm not working.

I'm thinking of fixing the trolley upright to the van floor using wing nuts, that way it makes it easy to remove when needed.  I'm looking at the 350ltr options and probably will go for a more even rectangular shaped one than a lay flat thin one, this way I'll have room for extra barrels if needed. 

I think the final straw for me was last week, there's a house I do that is an unfinished building project, it's a good paying job but the ground is a minefield of hazards.  Despite all the sun we've had, this day it had actually be raining, when I got around the back, which was a mission in itself, well I was dragging the trolley through all this thick newly laid mud, what I hadn't realised is that it was actually thick clay.  The mess that it made of everything, there was about 2 inches of clay stuck all around both wheels, spent about 20 minutes trying to wash it off but then realised that the water was making it worse.  I then used to the brush to try and brush it off but this then got the brush covered in it.  In the end I just picked it up and put it straight in the van and thought it will have to dry out and then gradually fall off over the coming weeks.  The past week it has been falling off bit by bit but the machine is still a muddy mess.  The pole and brush are back to normal and my trainers are clear of the stuff but definitely a lesson learned.

The trolley will still have its uses for terraced houses that I can't park outside, so I think it's the best of both worlds.  Definitely looking forward to not having to constantly change barrels, fill them up etc.

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I stripped the pump, battery and controller off the trolley and installed it in one of them Tesco home delivery baskets I had given.

Fitted a connector on the hole at bottom of tank and length of large bore hose clamped onto it with a jubilee clamp and a rectus female fitted at other end.

Short length fitted to pump inlet with a male rectus at open end......connect this to the female rectus on the hose from the tank and hey presto.

Just disconnect from the tank feed at night and charge it in garage.

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