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What do I add to a Big Boy??

Joe Bartram

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Joe Bartram

Hi all, I’m new to the game and was looking to purchase a facelift big boy just as I have a few estates that want cleaning. Firstly, can I still use this as a chemical sprayer? Secondly, do I have to put purified water in it? Or just normal tap water? Can you help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Joe. 

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You can use them to spray chemicals but it is not recommended as they can potentially damage the pumps. however if you are using mild detergents and rinse them thoroughly after use they can have a reasonable life span. 

You have to fill them with pure water if you are cleaning windows.

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9 minutes ago, Perryb91 said:

Where abouts are you based joe? 

And what are the addresses of these estates that dont have a window cleaner?! 😂

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Max has done me 🤣 na I have a spare one that mate of mine it in gave to us if you want before you dish out 150 for a brand new one 

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No chemicals, not only could it bugger the pump but it can also pump traces out onto peoples windows / doors and ruin them.

Pure water only. Never tap water unless you're filtering it yourself.

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I'm guessing you want to use the backpack to clean windows. If that is correct you just need purified water. You can make it yourself or buy it from the spotless water company or find a window cleaner that makes their own and is prepared to sell some to you.

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